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Marc by Marc Jacobs




A couple of days ago, I posted my favorite baby things and forgot a few items so here they are.  I use this Marc tote to carry all her stuff. I haven’t seemed to mastered the art of efficiently packing a bag.  Every time we go any where I seem to have that tote packed to the brim.  I am hoping it is something I will master sooner rather than later.  I have the black but I think the grey is so attractive.

The Woombie is the best because my daughter is a little bit of a Houdini and seems to get out of everything. For daytime naps we put her in a Woombie and then at night I put her in a Halo. The one thing I really love about the Woombie is that their feet can be out, so if we put her in it she can still be in a swing or a bouncy chair.


Baby Products

Aden + Anais

Sophie la Girafe



Aden + Anais



A lot of my friends and I have all had babies in the last few months.  We’re always texting each other “have you seen this” or recommending products we have found to each other.  The items listed above are some of my favorite things.  I love pretty much anything that Aden + Anais make, the blankets and the burp clothes are a great weight.  The Ergo is great for traveling and walking around with Dahlia.  She pretty much falls right to sleep any time I put her in it. The Boppy and the Brica are great accessories for her car seat.  I love the Boppy because it keeps her head up when we drive and the Brica keeps bugs and sun off of her when we’re outside.

My Amazon Prime Membership has been great because it’s hard to get out of the house now and if I need something I can have it to my house in two days.  I am currently addicted to Zulily with their deal of the day type shopping. They always seem to have great range of deals on baby products.   I hear really good things about the Honest  products but haven’t tried any of their baby items. Their sunscreen and hand sanitizer really work well. Nordstrom just starting carrying their stuff this week but it is selling out quickly.