Turquoise vs Green

Nordstrom – Turquoise

Nordstrom – Green

I love Kendra Scott jewelry. These simple earrings with bold colors are a great piece for your jewelry box .  Vote which color your like better Turquoise or Green in the comments.




Kendra Scott




The nice thing about rings is you can get so much use out of them. It’s not like a shirt where you can wear it one day and then not the next. Rings are very versatile, and can be worn with both casual and formal attire.  Rings have always been a big part of my style.  When I was young I used to wear a ring on every finger.  I have toned it down since then but here are some of my favorite rings. 

Cooking Class

My husband and I went to a cooking class at a local Whole Foods store. You help prepare the dishes while the chef demonstrates various knife skills and shares his own recipes.  We had a wonderful chili, mushroom risotto and an orange salad. The class instructors are very accommodating to anyone with food allergies.

Here is the link to Whole Foods to find a class near you.

Farmers Market

Last weekend I went to our local farmers market with some friends. I bought a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and also some tomatoes and basil leaves. I made a really yummy batch of Bruschetta with my farmers market purchases. The place was an absolute zoo and the group I was with had two strollers which made navigating through the crowd a bit challenging. I recommend going early if you find a farmers market in your area so that you can beat the rush. Attached is the link to find your local Farmers Market and the recipe I used for my Bruschetta.